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How it works

Crazyguycells gives you unlimited talk, international text and web service, backed by a MAJOR nationwide network with great coverage; delivering a cutting-edge experience, at an unbelievably low price.

Our service is designed for customers whose wireless needs are not currently being satisfied— those who believe that expensive contracts are a thing of the past; the enormous group of individuals who are done with intrusive credit checks and hidden charges.  Crazyguycells gives you unlimited talk, international text and web service, backed by a MAJOR nationwide network with great coverage; delivering a cutting-edge experience, at an unbelievably low price. All you need to do is bring your own phone or buy one in our store where we have a extensive line of the most popular devices new and pre-owned.

As executives and employees of some of the world's wireless giants, we learned this business from the best, but we had an idea of how to make it that much better for our customers and retailers. It wasn't easy getting it off the ground. Back in early 2008, we huddled and strategized in our office for months until our idea became a reality — and now, a crazy 3-year rocket-ride later, Crazyguycells is soaring off the charts.
However, we're not ones to rest.

We strive to make our service better every day. You want unlimited nationwide and international text? Done. You want 4G speeds and a constantly expanding coverage area? We have that. Wireless Broadband? Check! You want to keep your current smartphone and lose the stupid contract? Done. Bottom line, we hear you and we're here to help make it simple and cost efficient while not sacrificing quality of service.

To sum it up, CRAZYGUYCELLS gives you the wireless service you can't afford to live without, at a price you can live with. Your T-Mobile or At&t GSM phone is all you need! No complications. No endless bills. No compromises. –Crazyguycells
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How is your service so cheap, is this a scam?
A: No scam here. Ask over 10,000 and growing of our  satisfied customers. We at Crazyguycells are in affiliation with some of the largest carriers in the U.S which offer their services no contract and no tax at a fraction of the price.

Q:What plans are available?
A: Our basic plans for T-mobile and At&t Phones are $40/month for unlimited calls, text and web, $50 for Blackberry unlimited talk, text, and web, and $60/month for unlimited calls, text, and high speed web, including Blackberry. We also offer a $25 750MB Wireless Broadband Plan and a $45 2GB Wireless Broadband Plan.Our Verizon plans consist of $29.95/ 3000 minutes, 2000 text messages and 100mb of data, $44.95/ for unlimited calls, text and 20mb of web and $80/per year for 165 minutes per month (senior citizen plan). Please refer to our Activate page and select your phone service for additional details, terms, and conditions. Crazyguycells is one of the only flat rate programs that offers an optional data service with unlimited mobile web access.

Q: Can I keep my number that I have now ?
A: Yes not a problem at all. As long as phone is still active with current service provider and you provide us with your Account Number/Passcode on account we’ll have you switched over in no time. At Crazyguycells this is free of charge.

Q: Where does Crazyguycells have coverage?
A: More places than you probably realize. Crazyguy offers service across from coast to coast with no roaming or long distance charges. See our coverage map below.

Q: What options do I have to pay my bill?
A: You have three easy options when it comes to paying your bill. You can come into one of our retail locations, call us over the phone with a debit or credit card at 631-729-6329 during business hours, or easily pay on our website with your credit, debit or PayPal account.

Q: If I want to activate online with my own phone, how would I go about doing so?
A: Firstly make sure you have registered an account with us on the website then you would select ACTIVATE YOUR CELL on the Home Page. Next you would select service of the device you currently have and would like to use (otherwise come into store and purchase one from our wide selection). After that, you can click on plans to view details of each and when you are ready click ADD TO CART. Once you have added to cart review your item and make sure you have selected the correct plan. If all is well and you are already done shopping then you can click PROCEED TO CHECK OUT. Now please update your shipping information and press PROCEED TO SHIPPING CALCULATION. Now please enter any information in the boxes necessary pertaining to your device and order and when finished click PROCEED. After this you will be asked to enter payment information to complete the order. IMPORTANT: Verizon Phones will be programmed over the air and will be activated immediately after purchase. T-mobile and At&t Phones and Plans use sim cards therefore they will be shipped to the address that you provided in the first steps of the process.

Q: How do I pay my bill on www.crazyguycells.com?
A:  To pay your bill on our website you first must create an account. Once you are approved you will select PAY BILL on the home screen. Select the denomination of your bill (for example, $40,$50,or $60) and add that product to cart. After you have selected which bills you will be paying, press CHECK OUT and follow steps which you are providing us with your phone number, information and payment.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: One of the best things about Crazyguycells is that we do not require a contract for our plan.

Q:Is there an early termination fee?
A: No, our program is month to month and can be terminated at anytime.
Q:Do I get charged for 411 calls?
A: No. Just dial 1-800-FREE-411 and get unlimited directory assistance services for free! Simply dial the toll-free number, say where you are, and what you're looking for, and get connected for free.

Q:How do you set up voicemail? Is there a temporary password?
A:Yes, the temporary password is the last 4 digits of your mobile number. Simply press the 1 key or dedicated voice mail key after the phone has been activated and follow the voice prompts

Q:How do I call Voicemail from my mobile phone?
A: Perform the following steps: (Press and hold the 1 key or dial 1-805-MESSAGE from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to listen to your messages and for initial setup)

Q: Can I use my Blackberry with Crazyguy?
A:Yes! Crazyguycells now offers full BlackBerry BIS services for many popular devices of the last few years. You will get Blackberry web, BBM, Blackberry App Market and all of the other complete Blackberry Services.

Q: What happens if I don't add funds within 30 days?
If the balance remains at $0 for more than 30 days, the mobile number will be deactivated and the customer will lose their mobile number.
Q: My internet is not working, why?
A: If internet is not working most likely it needs to be re-configured. Please call us at 631-729-6329 during business hours so we can resolve the issue in just a few short moments.

If you have any further questions you can also email us at [email protected]

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